What's the Catch?

Why did we create this app,
per chance?

Well, thanks for asking.

There is no catch.

The GiveInstead app is the tip of the spear of a movement:
The Giving Movement

The goal: To accurately reflect God's generosity to the world.

Depending on where you live in the world, you may already do this. You know already that Christians give as Christ gave. Sacrificially, lavishly, humbly, joyfully knowing that you depend on God for all things.

So why do so few give so little? There are so many reasons, most having to do with the heart (the one God hopes to change, degree by degree). But HowGiving hopes to prime the pump of generosity, helping us to give by nature, through clever and easy ways to donate of our time, talent and treasure.

GiveInstead is just one of the ways HowGiving intends to help in this area of our Christian lives.

What other ways, you ask? >>

It's so simple that, why wouldn't you?

A Day Using GiveInstead ...

On my way to work. I see Starbucks and start craving that Venti Vanilla Latte. But I think, "I'm a giver like Jesus." So, instead, I touch the GiveInstead icon on my smart phone, type in $6.50, then "Give". I just gave to my default charity instead of buying something I wanted (certainly), but did not need.

While enjoying lunch, I'm scrolling Reels on Facebook, and - surprise! - up pops the standard Ad that just happens to know what I've been looking at recently ... a new pair of suede Vans, $120+tax. They are sweet. Honestly, I already have two pair, "but not THIS color!" I think: "Yeah, I know... What could that money accomplish for the Kingdom in the hands of a strong Christian humanitarian charity?" Answer: Quite a bit. So, I do some quick math and determine that $120+tax = approximately $130. "Yep, I'm going to GiveInstead." And I do with a couple of touches and some Godly resolve.

I reflect as I get ready to hit the sack. "I gave my favorite charity $136.50 today. Cool. I wonder if I can top that tomorrow..."


"I gave my favorite charity $136.50 today. Cool.

I wonder if I can top that tomorrow..."

Who's behind the GiveInstead app?

GiveInstead is a HowGiving ministry. It's one of many ways we've thought up to help you give in Jesus' name.

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Why GiveInstead? HowGiving Founder, Greg Dean explains.

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